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Since 2005, Experts Connection™ for Recruiters has been connecting you, the hiring professional, with experts in all phases of recruitment. Topics are presented for timely practical application offering you the ability to implement the ideas as soon as you hang up the phone. The subject matter is designed for both corporate hiring professionals as well as independent recruiters.

BODY LANGUAGE IN THE INTERVIEW: Learning To Read Your CandidateMatt Gill

Date: Thursday, October 27, 2016
Time: 2:00-3:30PM Eastern; 1:00-2:30PM Central; 11:00-12:30 PM Pacific
Guest Speaker: Matt Gill, Managing Partner of MICA Consulting Group & Certified Behavioral Interview Trainer

Can't make the date? Purchase includes access to live presentation PLUS the recording to watch & listen at your convenience.

Class Description: During an interview we are assessing the concrete as well as the not-so-specific "gut feeling".  Much of our gut feeling is composed of non-verbal communications through body language and it can work to our benefit.  But why leave it to chance? This class will provide you the tools to read the body language of your candidates and hone in on critical areas and lines of questioning in your face-to-face interviews.

We've all heard the term "Body Language", but have you ever figured out what these actions really mean?  Importantly, what are you communicating through your own body language?  We all instinctively read body language and have our own assigned definitions for certain actions – but are your definitions correct? Think how much more accurately you could assess your candidates if you were accurately translating the behaviors and being deliberate about the messages you send.  Experts Connections focuses on professional development and this webinar will focus on how to better understand body language in the interview setting.  It's also one of the few webinars where you will take away practical information that will help in every in-person interaction you encounter, business and personal.

We've all heard or read that 80% of in-person communication is non-verbal.  Is that really true?  Well even if it's off and it's only 50% why don't more people study what these movements, expressions and actions really mean? How DO you interpret these things?  Do they mean different things when you layer on different ages, sex, relationship lengths, setting and reporting hierarchy?

In this 90 minute webinar you will learn:

  • Evaluate and manage your candidates body language in the interview
  • Translate the correct meaning of specific actions in the interview
  • Adjust your line of questioning and probing based on observed body language of your candidate
  • Decipher body language that is communication vs. personal mannerisms that are habit
  • Use your own body language to emphasize a point
  • Create a personal process to continuously evaluate body language
  • Study body language and translate its meaning on the spot
  • Adapt your body language to communicate non-verbal signals to steer conversations/interactions

About the Speaker: Matt Gill is the Managing Partner and a founding member of MICA Consulting Group, a retained recruiting and consulting firm specializing in connecting people in marketing, interactive, creative and advertising disciplines.  Matt has been a key participant in the recruiting industry for the past 17 years. Over the last decade he has served as a retained search recruiter in the marketing, sales and advertising disciplines. He is also a certified Behavioral Interview Trainer.   Matt has served on a number of boards including the Susan Komen Foundation, serving as head of governance. He is a graduate of Saint Michael's College and resides in New England.

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